Ukrainian footballers returned to the field in the middle of the war

Footballers have returned to the field despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The domestic football league of Ukraine has started. The country’s top football league was canceled following the Russian invasion earlier this year.

The new season has started from Monday.

But like the other 10 league games, the football league of Ukraine is not going like that at all. There is still a bomb threat, so all league matches are being played in empty stadiums. Fear that it is only for the audience, is not the case at all. Footballers are also in fear. The bomb does not understand the players and spectators!

A safe zone has been kept in every stadium to avoid bombs. Footballers and support staff go there and take shelter when the siren sounds during the game. When the fear is over, the practice-game starts again.

Not only this, the army will be inside the stadium during every match. If the siren ever goes off for more than an hour, the army is surrounding the stadium. After checking the whole situation they inform whether the game can be started.

Andriy Pavelko, head of the Ukrainian Football Association, said, “We are starting the league in a completely different situation. The game is being played at war. The fear of bombs and missiles is being played. Many club stadiums have also collapsed. Other clubs have come forward to help them. Football is passion and struggle for us. No war can stop it.’