The West does not want an end to the Ukraine conflict: Turkey

The Western world does not want an end to the conflict in Ukraine. They want to prolong this conflict. They are also trying to destroy the food grain export agreement.

Turkey made these accusations against the West on Tuesday.

On February 24, Russia started a “special military operation” in Ukraine. After that, the operation continued for about six months. Many analysts blame the direct military cooperation of the United States and the West for the prolongation of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

Turkey has been making diplomatic efforts since the beginning to resolve the ongoing conflict. Due to the efforts of the country’s leaders, several meetings have already been held between the two sides. Although this did not end the conflict, an important agreement was recently reached between Russia and Ukraine on food grain exports brokered by the United Nations and Turkey.

Now Ankara is trying hard to end the conflict in Ukraine. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his officials are running day and night for that goal.

Russia has already announced that it has begun examining the possibility of ending the Ukraine campaign.

However, Ankara has complained that the West does not want to see an end to the conflict. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu gave an important interview to the local media in the capital Ankara on Tuesday about the Ukraine conflict. Said, “Several Western countries have no interest in ending the Ukraine conflict.”

In the interview given to Heber Global, the Turkish Foreign Minister also said, “Some Western countries are trying to prolong the war. Not only the United States, but also some NATO member countries. In the interview, Cavusoglu accused Western countries of destroying the Ukraine-Russia grain export agreement. He said, “There are also countries who want to destroy the food grain agreement.”

Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement brokered by Turkey and the United Nations on July 22 to reopen three Ukrainian ports for the export of Ukrainian food grains that had been blocked by the war.