Shakib thanked the minister by sharing the information minister’s post

On this day, Dhakai movie superstar Shakib Khan returned to the country. And after a long stay in the United States, Shakib showed surprise by stepping on the country’s soil.

When Shakib landed at Shahjalan Airport on August 17, hundreds of fans gathered to welcome the hero. This image has never happened before to any film star in the country.

Shakib is going to appear with a new surprise within a week. Suddenly he was seen in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This news has been confirmed from the minister’s Facebook page.

It is known that Shakib Khan appeared at the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Sunday. He is the minister there. Hasan talks to Mahmud. Both were caught on camera. And that photo was shared from the minister’s Facebook page.

Shakib himself also shared the information minister’s post. He wrote in the caption, “Thank you, Minister of Information and Broadcasting.” Hasan Mahmood for your valuable time and talk.’

Shakib went to the Ministry of Information for what urgent work after returning to the country?

According to a source close to the superstar, Shakib went to the ministry to receive the government grant cheque. In the financial year 2021-22, he received a grant of Tk 65 lakh to make a movie named ‘Maya’. He received a 30 percent check for the first installment of that money on Sunday.

Pooja Cheri, one of the heroines of the time, can be seen opposite Shakib in the movie. Earlier, Shakib-Pooja duo in the movie ‘Galui’ has been much appreciated. That is why this pair is being thought to be shown on the screen in ‘Maya’.

Incidentally, Shakib Khan was in the United States for the last 9 months. He also announced the production of a movie from there. American actress Courtney Coffey will be seen opposite him in the movie named ‘Rajkumar’.