‘Peak-hour’ of electricity is changing in new office schedule: Minister of State for Power

State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said that the demand for electricity is increasing in the morning due to bringing forward the office schedule, saying that if the peak hour of electricity consumption moves to the daytime, “there will be a balance”.

He said these things while facing reporters at the secretariat on the first day of the new office schedule on Wednesday.

Nasrul Hamid said, we saw – the trend that was earlier, increased from 10 am (electricity demand); Now I see — from 9 am (demand) has started increasing.

He also said, at the moment, the requirement of DESCO has gone above one thousand (MW). That means we can see that Desco and DPDC’s peak hours within the city are at noon, but that is changing due to the new office schedule.

The state minister said, we want that if the peak hour moves from evening to day time, then we can make a balance between evening and day time.

The state minister also said that one more thing we want to ensure from today is that there should be uninterrupted electricity for irrigation pumps for the next 15 days from midnight. I think it will be possible. I can say that. Let’s see next week. If it works. Then at least I can fix the electricity balance.

When asked how long the load shedding will continue, Nasrul Hamid said, “We are reducing the load shedding.” We are forced to pay for load shedding. As we had fuel and gas shortage. From there we are trying to balance the load shedding. By balancing we can save.