Office at 8: Fewer buses on the road, passengers suffer

Public transport on most roads in the capital was light on the first day with government and autonomous offices opening at 8am and banks at 9am to save power. Traffic congestion was also seen in some places.

There is no end to the suffering of passengers as there are fewer buses on the road. Many people could not see the car even after standing for a long time. After a long time the bus came but it was full of passengers. So some have left the destination by hanging on the door of the bus. Many walk to the office.

On Wednesday morning, this image was seen on several roads of the capital.

Under the new rules, all government and autonomous institutions will operate from 8 am to 3 pm. The bank will operate from 9 am to 5 pm, transactions can be made up to 3 pm.

As the office hours come forward by an hour, huge crowd can be seen on almost every street of Dhaka from 7 am on Wednesday morning.

However, as the number of buses is relatively less at that time and more people get down on the road in the early hours, congestion can be seen at the intersection. Many people had to wait for a long time for the bus.

In addition to bringing forward the working hours of the office, educational institutions have been given two days off in a week. However, the class time has been kept as before. As a result, offices and schools are crowded almost at the same time. As a result, the pressure has increased a lot.

A passenger said that he left Basabo at 7 am and reached Mohakhali 40 minutes earlier, but he could not make it on the first day of the new office schedule. It took him an hour and a half.

Matuail, Shanir Akhara, Kajla Bus Stands were seen crowded with passengers from 7 am to 8:30 am. Due to the lack of public transport, they were seen standing in the middle of the road far ahead of the designated place of passenger transfer.

Common people also suffered due to not getting a bus. Fifty-something Ramzan Ali was waiting for the bus at Farmgate with his wife. He said, Bardem has been waiting for almost half an hour to go to the hospital. But I can’t board any bus.

Bank officer Fazle Rabbi said, I have been stuck in the traffic for 20 minutes in Bishwa Road area. I got the bus with great difficulty. Having to go to the office while the bat is hanging.