Death threat to lawyer sent notice to foreign minister

The Supreme Court lawyer has sent a legal notice to the foreign minister to resign. Ershad Hossain Rashed.

An unidentified person threatened to shoot him in front of the court on a mobile phone.

After the incident, the lawyer made a general diary (GD) at Shahbag police station.

Rashed wrote in GD, “I have been receiving abuse and threats from different numbers, both domestic and foreign, since I sent a legal notice to the foreign minister to resign. Even death threats are being given. This morning I was called from a mobile number and told to solve the problem or not? “I shot directly Myra Phalai.” When I asked her identity, the voice on the other side of the phone said, “I shot Myra Phalai, this is my identity.” Then I hang up the phone call. Later the same person called me again and threatened to shoot me in front of the court.

Regarding GD, lawyer Rashed said, I am suffering from insecurity. The death threat has come because I have sent a legal notice to the foreign minister.

A part of the speech given by Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen at an event in Chittagong last year created controversy across the country.

The minister made a request to India to sustain Sheikh Hasina. After his speech, Minister Momen came under a storm of criticism across the country. Dissatisfaction with this was also expressed from the higher levels of Awami League.

In the midst of all such criticism and debate, on August 21, Supreme Court lawyer Md. Ershad Hossain sent a legal notice to the Foreign Minister.

The notice asked the minister to resign within 48 hours, claiming that the minister’s remarks hurt sovereignty.

It is said in the notice that you cannot do what you have requested to the Indian government to keep Sheikh Hasina in power. Because the constitution says that the people are the source of all power. You have made unconstitutional statements. You are disqualified from being a minister.