Khaleda Zia is going to the hospital in the afternoon

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia will be taken to the hospital for a physical examination.

He is scheduled to be taken to Evercare Hospital from his home in Gulshan in the capital on Monday around 3 pm.

Shayrul Kabir Khan, a member of BNP Chairperson’s press wing, confirmed this information.

He said, madam (Khaleda Zia) will go to Evercare Hospital in the afternoon for a regular physical checkup.

Khaleda Zia was admitted to Evercare Hospital on October 12 last year. He underwent surgery on October 25.

Khaleda Zia was treated in the hospital for more than three weeks. After that, he left the hospital on November 7 and went to his home in Firoz in Gulshan.

Khaleda Zia returned home on June 19 after being treated for 53 days at Evercare Hospital after being infected with Corona. Since then he was in the rented house “Firoza” in Gulshan.

Khaleda Zia has been suffering from various complications including arthritis, diabetes, dental and eye problems for many years. He contracted the coronavirus in April. Khaleda Zia was admitted to Evercare Hospital on April 27 last year due to various physical complications.

At one stage he was taken to the CCU. He was in CCU for about two months. He returned home on June 19. In between, Khaleda Zia went to Sheikh Russell National Gastroliver Institute and Hospital in Mohakhali twice to get corona vaccination. After receiving the first dose of Corona on July 19, he received the second dose on August 18.

Khaleda Zia went to jail on February 8, 2008 after being convicted in a corruption case. In the context of the Corona epidemic, the government granted him temporary release on March 25 last year subject to conditions. So far Khaleda Zia’s release period has been extended three times.

However, BNP leaders call Khaleda Zia’s conditional release as ‘house arrest’. Despite the family’s repeated pleas for better treatment, the government refused. The condition is also given that he has to get treatment from the country.