A. League is angry with Momen’s statement

The ruling Awami League is embarrassed by the foreign minister AK Abdul Momen’s comments one after the other. The leaders of the party are angry with the minister’s speech. They feel that Abdul Momen is not acting responsibly as a foreign minister.

Several leaders of the ruling Awami League, who did not wish to be named, said that Abdul Momen had drawn the most criticism for a year with his ‘unbridled’ comments. He may be summoned to the public house at any time.

The foreign minister’s comments have repeatedly embarrassed the government. He has recently been warned from the highest levels of government.

Abdul Momen admitted a few days ago that he was warned from the highest level of the government because of his comment ‘People of Bangladesh are living in heaven’. Despite this, he continues to say non-stop.

Some Awami League leaders said that they will complain to the party high command to take action against him.

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen’s statement regarding India’s role in keeping the Awami League in power was highlighted by national dailies on Friday.

Criticism started after this. The rival political parties have been blaming Awami League for its relations with neighboring India since independence.

Opposition political parties often comment that Awami League has given many interests of the country to India in order to stay in power.

Several top leaders of the ruling Awami League, who did not wish to reveal their names, feel that the foreign minister’s comment on Thursday gave more opportunities to the political opponents.