Dhaka South City Corporation is constructing garbage dumping station by deceiving the locals

Locals have demanded closure of Dhaka South City Corporation garbage dumping station at Khilgaon East Nandi Para in the capital.

According to the locals, the construction work was started a year ago to build a water pump. The next step is to build a garbage dumping station, not a water pump. That is why the locals are upset. Locals, including worshipers and students of mosques and madrasas, took to the streets in the morning to protest.

Adjacent to the dumping station in East Nandi Para is a Madrasa and Baitul Aman Jame Mosque. Where there are hundreds of students. Not only that, there are residential areas around the construction site.

According to locals, the site was taken over a year ago for construction of a water pump, health complex or any other service-oriented institution. However, the owner of the place has not received any compensation and documents till now.

After learning about the construction of the dumping station, more than seven hundred residents protested and lodged a written complaint with the mayor of Dhaka South City Corporation but the city corporation did not listen to them.

The secretary of the mosque Rafiq Hamza Sheikh said, “We will not allow any garbage to be dumped here.”

Former member Azizur Rahman said, “If we dump garbage here, we locals will not be able to pray 5 times a day. Without it, the health of children will be affected and the environment will be polluted. Every person in our residential area will be socially harmed.”

The local councilor said that dumping station is being constructed here as there is no vacancy in any other place.