Shabana Azmi countered Kangana’s comment

The hijab controversy in Karnataka has spread across the country. Entertainment stars have also opened their mouths in this regard. A few days ago, Kamal Hasan and Javed Akhtar protested. This time, two actresses – Kangana Ranaut and Shabana Azmi – got involved in a public debate on hijab.

Kangana wrote in her Instagram story, “If you have to show so much courage, then let’s see if you don’t wear a burqa in Afghanistan.” Learn to be free, not caged. Bollywood’s ‘Controversy Queen’ shared the response to a tweet of a women’s movement about wearing hijab in Iran.

Shabana Ajmer did not escape attention. Kangana retweeted the screenshot of Insta-Story and replied in the affirmative.

Shabana writes that Afghanistan is a religious country. If I’m wrong, correct me. And when I finally found out, I found out that India is a secular democratic state!

Note that the Kangana-Javed case is not unknown to anyone. After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana publicly insulted Javed. The lyricist filed a defamation suit against the actress. Kangana has been involved in several debates with Shabana on the net.

Incidentally, in a government school in Karnataka recently, students wearing hijab were not allowed to take classes. The outbreak of unrest in different parts of the state. Somewhere there are incidents like throwing stones, and somewhere there are stick charges. The situation became so tense that the Karnataka High Court ordered the closure of schools and colleges for three days.

Kamal Hassan said against the hijab controversy in the southern state, ‘the poison of division is being buried among the students. Javed Akhtar also protested.