Illegal aircraft will crash as soon as it enters Iran’s skies, warning

Any illegal aircraft will be shot down as soon as it enters Iranian airspace. Such a warning has been issued by the country’s senior army commander General Ali Asadi.

He says no illegal aircraft or objects will be allowed in Iranian airspace.

Brigadier General Ali Asadi, commander of Iran’s western air defense system, made the remarks at a ceremony in Hamedan on Friday to mark the anniversary of the revolution.

Highlighting the role of Iran’s air defense system in recent years, Brigadier General Asadi said, “Iran’s air defense system will not allow any illegal aircraft to enter the country’s airspace and will teach it a proper lesson if it does.”

The senior Iranian military commander said the Iranian people had led the revolution under the leadership of a great leader who had placed the people of this country in a position of respect before the world and had struck at the root of foreign dependence.

He said that in the light of the principle of self-reliance of the Iranian architect, the country’s armed forces have been formed and have become fully self-sufficient in terms of self-defense.