Decision to wear veiled hijab jeans is a woman’s right: Priyanka

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has spoken out against the ban on Muslim students from attending classes in the Indian state of Karnataka. He tweeted in support of Muslim students.

“Women have the right to decide what they want to wear, whether it’s a bikini, a veil, jeans or a hijab,” she tweeted yesterday. This right is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. So stop harassing women. ‘Source: NDTV

Recently, the authorities of a government college in Udupi district of Karnataka state issued some rules regarding the uniform of students. It is said that classes cannot be done after hijab. Because, it is discriminatory. According to the authorities, students will be able to wear scarves. However, its color must match the color of the veil. Muslim students protested against this rule. They say that hijab has not caused any problem in education for so long. Not even obstacles. All of a sudden this restriction.

The controversy spread to other parts of the state. Somewhere in the state, a section of Hindu students were seen wearing purple sheets and veils against the hijab. There is a quarrel between the students of the two religions somewhere. Karnataka Chief Minister Basbaraj Bommai himself has decided to close all schools and colleges in the state for three days due to the hijab controversy. When an incident of wearing hijab came to light in Karnataka last Tuesday, it gave rise to widespread discussion and criticism across India.

The video footage shows a Muslim student wearing a burqa and hijab driving a scooter and entering her educational institution. A group of crazy young people are waving saffron scarves towards him and shouting ‘Joy Sriram’. They are coming towards him. The girl retaliated by saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ as she moved away from this dangerous situation. Authorities later removed the girl safely. After the hijab debate, some Muslim students approached the Karnataka High Court. The case is being heard.

Incidentally, women’s rights are one of the major issues in the Congress campaign for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections starting today. Women’s empowerment. Priyanka Gandhi led the Congress campaign in this election. In the campaign, the Congress promised that 40 percent of its candidates in the election would be women. If selected, free smartphones and two-wheelers will be provided for the girls.