The train is running with 100% passengers

All intercity trains in the country have started running with passengers in all seats from today (Wednesday). In this case, half-seat tickets will be available online as usual. Tickets for the other half of the seats will be available at the train station counter.

According to the railways, the recent transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19) omicron variant has been declining. Vaccination activities have already been intensified. Ordinary people are going to different places after receiving various vaccines against coronavirus, which has increased the passenger pressure on the train. As a result, it has been decided to sell 100% of intercity train tickets. However, the sale of standing tickets for intercity trains and station platform tickets will remain closed.

Proper hygiene and mask-wearing should be ensured in case of ticket issues and train travel at the counter. According to the Emergency Quota and Intercity Train Manual approved by the Ministry of Railways, all existing quota systems for the sale of intercity train tickets except side quota will be abolished. Provide catering services on intercity trains and provide night bedding on trains in compliance with hygiene rules.

It has been said that this instruction for ticket issues will be effective from 9th February. In this case, the ticket issue and other rules of hygiene will remain unchanged.