Instruct Russell’s family to cooperate in handing over Evali’s shares

Russell’s family wants to transfer shares of Evali. The High Court has directed the board to cooperate in this regard.

A single High Court bench of Justice Muhammad Khurshid Alam Sarkar passed the order on Wednesday.

Evali’s buying and selling have been halted for three months after the e-commerce scandal broke out in Bangladesh. As a result, the company has no source of income. But the expenses are as usual. Evali’s website and apps are closed. There have been no new updates on the Facebook page since October 16 last year.

Earlier on January 31, two lockers of the Dhanmondi office in Evali were broken. Five members of the board formed under the direction of the court were present at the time. They thought there would be a lot of money in the locker. But after breaking the locker, it is seen that there is only 2,530 takas in one locker and no money in the other locker. More than 150 checkbooks of different banks were found in the two lockers.

Meanwhile, the High Court has fixed February 10 (Thursday) as the day for the sale of 6 cars in Avalli. A Deputy Registrar and an Assistant Registrar of the High Court will oversee the auction. The court also directed the police commissioner and RAB director-general to keep police and RAB members deployed during the auction.

There are multiple cases across the country against several officials, including the former chairman and former managing director of Evali.