Hijab controversy in Karnataka: School-college closed for 3 days

All schools and colleges in the Indian state of Karnataka will be closed for the next three days due to the controversy over the hijab. Chief Minister Basbaraj Bommai has decided to close schools and colleges.

He tweeted the decision on Tuesday (February 6th) afternoon, saying it was “in the interest of peace and harmony”. Earlier, he called on all to maintain peace and order.

Recently, a government college authority in the Udupi district of the state-issued some rules regarding students’ uniforms. It is said that classes cannot be done after hijab. Because it is discriminatory. According to the authorities, students will be able to wear scarves.

However, its color must match the color of the veil. Muslim students protested against this rule. They say that hijab has not caused any problem in education for so long. Not even obstacles. All of a sudden this restriction. The controversy gradually spread to other parts of the state. Some Hindu students were seen wearing purple sheets and veils to protest against the hijab. The conflict between the students of the two religions also started somewhere. Somewhere in support of Muslim students, Dalit Hindus also stood by wearing blue sheets. Tensions and debates have been going on in the state for several days now. Muslim students question why they are being deprived of education. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also recently protested in a tweet.

Yesterday, Muslim students in Karnataka were heard saying, ‘Read Betty, raise Betty’ (take it forward) slogan is only for Hindu daughters? Exclude Muslim daughters? ‘

Some students approached the Karnataka High Court against the rule of the college authorities and at the end of the hijab debate. Yesterday was the first hearing of that case. The hearing will continue on Wednesday (February 9). During the hearing yesterday, Justice Dixit Krishna Sripada appealed to all to maintain law and order. The Chief Minister also made the same request. Before the end of the hearing, the Chief Minister announced in a second tweet that all schools and colleges in the state would be closed for the next three days.