Alamgir is the head of 18 film organizations

The cine organizations have united anew to develop the film and eliminate the conflict. The head of which is the hero-producer-director Alamgir.

Leaders and members of 18 film organizations met in a meeting on Tuesday (February 6) afternoon. Wherever it is decided, Alamgir will henceforth lead as the head or spokesperson of this front.

Leaders of almost all organizations were present at the meeting. After the discussion, producer leader Khorshed Alam Khasru said, “We have decided today to go under the leadership of our well-known actor Alamgir. I don’t want to see the tension in the chair in this crisis of the film. I want all the organizations to forget the conflict and work together. ‘

Meanwhile, after the meeting started, rumors spread on FCD on Tuesday that 18 organizations are going to take big steps against the company’s MD Nuzhat Yasmin and filmmaker Zayed Khan.