Putin and Macron held a five-hour meeting on the Ukraine issue

French President Emmanuel Macron said it was possible to avoid war over the ongoing Ukraine issue. During his visit to Moscow, he held lengthy meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Guardian reports that Emanuel Macron sat down for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday (February 8th). The five-hour meeting focused on easing tensions over the Ukraine issue.

At the start of the talks, the Russian president praised Macron for his efforts to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

Macron said before the meeting that he was hopeful of avoiding war. The goal of his talks with Putin is to reduce tensions. At the same time, however, the Kremlin said the talks would be long and detailed. And it would not be right to expect more progress from a single meeting.

After the meeting, Macron said, “Currently, there is a growing risk of tension and instability. No one in Russia or Europe wants unrest and tension. Because the countries are already in crisis because of Corona. So in the long run we have to come to a stable agreement. ”

Earlier, on February 3, Macron and Putin had a phone conversation about Moscow’s demands on tensions and security in Ukraine. Moscow says the two leaders discussed Russia’s demands on “the overall situation in Ukraine” and “long-term security guarantees.” At the same time, Putin again called attention to “various provocative statements and actions by the Kiev leadership.”

Russia and the United States have said in a statement that Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border. In response, the United States has decided to send additional troops to Europe. Russia has condemned the US decision.

Moscow says the US decision is “destructive.” This has exacerbated tensions and reduced the chances of a political solution.