“It’s the saddest thing in my life.”

Not only India but also Pakistan and Bangladesh are mourning the death of Lata Mangeshkar. Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar is shocked by the death of Surasamrajni.

According to a report in Indian media The Hindustan Times, Shoaib Akhtar recalled his telephone conversation with the late legendary artist.

He said that Lata Mangeshkar was very fond of playing cricket. Didn’t meet him. It’s the saddest thing in my life. ”

Kokilakanthi also gave two pieces of advice to Shoaib. He said, never forget two things in life. The number one thing is to use your humility and the second thing is to be by the side of the person, to help him.

The report further states that in 2016, he had a telephone conversation with Lata Mangeshkar. When Shoaib last came to India that year as a commentator, he one day fulfilled his long-cherished wish with the help of a production man.

Lata talked to Mangeshkar on the phone. Shoaib dived into that memory. The Rawalpindi Express was fascinated by the use of Sur Samrajni. At the beginning of the conversation, Lata asked him to call her mother.

“She told me to call her mother,” Shoaib said on his YouTube channel. I was fascinated by its beautiful use. I wanted to go ahead and meet him. At that time Navratri was going on. He told me to go see him two days later. But I had to return because I had a ticket to return to Pakistan. But I said I will definitely see you next time. But alas, it was not seen again. As relations between India and Pakistan deteriorated, I no longer went to India. Didn’t meet him. It’s the saddest thing in my life. ”

While talking to Shoaib, Lata told him that he has done a lot of work with Nurjahan, Mehedi Hasan, Golam Ali. They all loved him. Lata considered Nurjahan as her elder sister.