The tension is extreme; Another 39 Chinese warplanes flew over Taiwan

Chinese warplanes have again entered Taiwan’s airspace, escalating tensions. China has sent 39 military aircraft to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone. Taiwan’s defense ministry says China has done so to increase border tensions.

This is the largest Chinese warplane intrusion since October, when three US Navy aircraft were deployed around Taiwan. However, Beijing did not immediately comment on the incident.

Recently, tensions have also erupted over the dominance of the United States and China over the waterways. Meanwhile, tensions are running high between Russia and the United States over the Ukraine issue. Meanwhile, China sent warplanes over Taiwan’s airspace.

According to various international media sources, Beijing has consistently put political and military pressure on Taiwan. Chinese warplanes are constantly patrolling the skies of Taiwan. In the first week of October last year, 148 military aircraft from Beijing patrolled the airspace of Taiwan.

Note that China is continuing its aggression by claiming Taiwan as its own state. Although Taiwan claims to be unique. The recent US crackdown on Taiwan has become a headache for China.