Rare snowfall in Saudi, snow covered desert

Saudi Arabia’s deserts are covered in snow after a “historic hailstorm”. Snow and ice cover the hills as the temperature drops below freezing. This new form of Saudi has created tension among the locals. These pictures have even spread on social media.

The Jabal al-Lodge mountains in the northwestern part of the country, Tabuk, are covered with snow. Where locals from Saudi Arabia flock to enjoy this unusual landscape. Every year the inhabitants of the country travel to the mountains during the snowfall. And set up tents there to enjoy the cold weather.

Earlier this month, Saudi photographer Osama al-Harbi captured pictures of the Badr governorate southwest of Medina. Locals gather in the desert to enjoy this unusual sight. Al-Harbi news agency told CNN that such severe winters in the Badr Desert are a rare occurrence. He described the incident as a “historic hailstorm”.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Meteorology has forecast moderate to heavy rains, including wind, heavy snow and hail, in the Medina region recently. Heavy snowfall is expected in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia again this week.