Nayak Emon said after being humiliated in FDC

FDC is now busy with the election of Bangladesh Shilpi Samiti. Meanwhile, Ilyas Kanchan-Nipun, the cultural editor candidate of the panel, has been assaulted by an outsider in Emon FDC.

Emon has complained to the Election Commission about this. The outsider pushed Emon from the front. Misha Saudagar was in front at the time of the incident. He is the presidential candidate in this election. After the incident, Misha asked the accused to apologize. But the man immediately refused to apologize.

Emon said, “When I went to exchange greetings with Misha Bhai, the man stopped me. I tell him, brother Misha is more your own than me? Who are you Then he says, ‘Move, move.’ Misha Bhai tells him, ‘You say sorry. Emon is your senior. ‘He did not say sorry then. He is still arguing. I don’t know this boy very well. He is an outsider. Earlier, an incident like this had happened with Shakib Bhai, which is very reprehensible. ‘

However, Emon does not want to blame Misha Saudagar for being the victim of this bribery. He added, “This guy always hangs out with them. Stay with them. The thing is I feel very bad. We went to the Election Commission, we made a complaint. They have taken the matter seriously.

“I was campaigning on the street adjacent to the Shilpi Samiti office at around 7pm on Friday,” Emon said. Nipun, Riaz and many others including Hero Alam were with him. When I saw Misha Saudagar Bhai in the distance, I went to exchange greetings with him. Then the outsider pushed me and insulted me. ‘