Exam postponed: ৭ Nilkhet blockade of college students

Degree students of seven government colleges affiliated to Dhaka University (DU) have blocked the Nilkhet junction in the capital in protest of the sudden suspension of ongoing examinations without prior notice.

On Saturday (January 22) at 9 am, the students who came to the center to block the Nilkhet turn blocked the examination.

The students said that by attending the center, they can know that the examination has been postponed. Today was their last test.

The students complained that although the second year examination was supposed to be held in 2018, it is coming to an end in 2022. Although the test was supposed to start on November 21 and end today, it has been postponed.

Kawsar Hossain, a student of Poet Nazrul Government College, said, “We are already in a terrible session.” Today is the last test but I came to the center and found out that the test has been postponed. Why such a farce with us? What would have happened if today’s test?
The examinations of these seven college degree students were to be held at Eden College.

If you want to know Dhaka College Teachers Council Secretary and General Secretary of the Seven College Teachers Association. Abdul Quddus Sikder said, “We have talked to the examination controller of Dhaka University.” He said the test was stopped verbally, no notice was given. We do not expect such behavior. Students have come from far and wide to take the test. Moreover, today was their last test. The next decision will be taken after discussing the matter with the coordinators of seven colleges.