The UK lifted the ban

The United Kingdom has almost lifted restrictions on the spread of the virus, assuming that the highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus has reached its peak. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that Plan B restrictions would no longer be in effect from next week.

The United Kingdom was the first country in South Africa to impose restrictions on international travel after the Omicron variant was identified in December last year. At the same time, rules were issued for the advice to stay at home, wearing a mask and displaying a ticker certificate. Although a record number of people were affected by the spread of Omicron, hospital admissions and deaths did not increase proportionately. This is mainly due to the booster dose being applied in the UK and the variant being less scary.

Boris Johnson addressed Parliament on Wednesday. In his speech, he announced the next steps of Plan B. He said the Plan B restrictions would be lifted in England from next week.

He noted that the implementation of the government’s Plan B to prevent omicron has given rise to booster doses. “We have implemented the fastest booster dose program in Europe,” he said.

Johnson claims that the government did not have to shut down the economy because of this balancing act. In difficult times this government has made the right important decision.
The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has said that the latest data shows that the level of infection is decreasing and scientists believe that the omicron wave has reached its peak nationally.

He said there was still pressure in some areas of the North East and North West England. But hospital admissions are stable. So the cabinet has decided to implement the plan in England from next Thursday.