If you call Salman, he will come running: Jerin Khan

Bollywood actress Jerin Khan talks to Salman Khan about ‘crowd’. The actress has also acted in several films since then. He spent 12 years in Bollywood. However, after spending an era in Bollywood, Jerin Khan could not put her name in the list of first line heroines.

In a recent interview, Jerin Khan spoke openly about her relationship with Salman. Jerin Khan said that he would run away if he made a phone call to Salman. It was very difficult for him to get a chance in the industry if Salman did not hold his hand. He is grateful to Vaijaan for this. But yes, for those who think that Salman is the gift of his whole career, Jerin Khan said that this is not true. Totally rumored. Yes, Salman is a great man. Also very kind. But it must be remembered that at the same time he is very busy.

The actress further said, “I know that if Salman gets a call, he will come running.” But why should I irritate him with that opportunity? One more thing, if Salman’s name is associated with everything in my career, then it also reduces my many days of hard work. I’m reluctant to be Salman’s pet monkey. I will always walk around on his shoulders, burn him, this is my objection.