What Samantha said in the buzz of love with Salman

Bollywood nephew Salman Khan associated many names with his own name. Recently rumors have been heard that he is in love with a foreigner. At the moment, Bollywood’s ‘Talk of the Town’ is in love with Hollywood actress Samantha Lockwood.

Samantha and Salman were seen together on various occasions. A few days ago was the birthday of Bollywood nephew Salman Khan. Samantha was spotted at Salman’s Panvel party there.

However, this Hollywood heroine is quite upset with the news of rumors with her nephew. “I think there are some people who love to talk,” he told the Indian media. I think people love to guess a lot if nothing else. I met Salman. Salman Khan is a very good man. That is all I can say about him now. I don’t understand where people get so much information from. ”

Samantha also said, ‘I have met Hrithik Roshan besides Salman Khan. Then why only being involved with Salman.
This beautiful Hollywood actress has seen several movies in Bollywood. He was asked about his favorite movie. He replied ‘Sultan’ is my most favorite Bollywood movie.

Regarding Salman, he further said, “I have met Salman two or three times before going to his party. I only knew Salman at the party. I met many people at Salman’s birthday party. And everyone loves me. ‘