We want to build a developed Bangladesh by 2041: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that Bangladesh has gained status in the world court as a role model of development. We have to maintain this status. We want to build a developed Bangladesh by 2041. I will celebrate the centenary of independence in 2061. My only request to the new officers is to work as a soldier to build a better Bangladesh. Must love the country. We must always keep our heads high and be dedicated to the welfare of the people of the country.

This was stated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the graduation convocation of Defense Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) here on Wednesday (January 19).

Addressing the graduates at the time, the Prime Minister said, “In this course, you have acquired military knowledge and higher national and international knowledge.” This knowledge will help you to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to you efficiently and to face any challenge. I want every member of our armed forces to be of international standard. I have done a lot of work for this, starting from changing the surname. So that each member can run on an equal footing at the international level.

“I believe the dream of the father of the nation has come true today,” he said. Because Bangabandhu said, ‘One-day foreign friends will come to our academy for training.’ That is what happened today. Our DSCSC is internationally recognized as a unique educational institution. The foreign trainees here are our goodwill ambassadors.
The Prime Minister said that at one time there was a negative talk about Bangladesh abroad. Of course, there are still some people who prefer to discredit our country. But as a result of our socio-economic development and the skills we have shown in maintaining international peace and suppressing terrorism and militancy in the country, the image of Bangladesh in the world has brightened.

The Prime Minister said Bangladesh has always maintained friendly relations with neighboring countries. Bangladesh does not believe in enmity with anyone. Bangladesh has set an example by providing assistance to Rohingyas. Not a war with anyone, but Bangladesh will not remain silent if its sovereignty is hurt.

Urging Myanmar to take back the Rohingyas who took refuge in Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said talks are underway to send back the Rohingyas.
The Prime Minister highlighted the role of the present government in modernizing the armed forces. He said since the formation of the government, the government has been working towards the formation of a modern military force.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon all to abide by the health rules in this regard, saying that new types of corona are being released in the country.