Omicron corona could end the epidemic: Fauchi

The top infectious disease expert in the United States has expressed hope that the rapidly spreading Omicron variant could bring down the epidemic of coronavirus and bring it down to the level of common diseases at the local level. Anthony Fauchi. He expressed this hope at an event organized by the World Economic Forum on Monday.

At the endemic stage a viral disease can turn into a common disease in any area. This means that the disease will be in the area, people will be infected, but its incidence and severity will be much less than the epidemic stage, the disease will be easier to manage. The Omicron variant, which has been circulating since last November, is causing less illness than other variants. As a result, the disease can reach endemic stage.

Dr. “But that is only possible if we do not find another variant that can avoid the protection found in the previous variant,” said Anthony Fouchi.