The first session of the new year begins, the President giving the speech

The first session of the first and 16th national parliaments of the new year has started. Speaker Dr. The session of Jatiya Sangsad started at 4 pm on Sunday under the chairmanship of Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. The meeting was attended by Prime Minister and Leader of Parliament Sheikh Hasina.

Earlier, President Abdul Hamid was welcomed at the Parliament House through President Plaza. He is addressing the first session of the year as per Article 73 of the Constitution.

Listed MPs, officials, employees and journalists entered the parliament by showing the Covid-19 test certificate in compliance with the health rules of the Corona period. Everyone had to use hand sanitizer at the gate of the tunnel. The MPs have taken seats with a fixed seat gap in the session room. It has been confirmed whether everyone has a face mask or not. This continuity of health care will be continued in every meeting. Members of Parliament will take part in the session on the roster. However, Leader of the House Sheikh Hasina, Leader of the Opposition Raushan Ershad (currently out of the country due to illness), Deputy Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Mohammad Quader, Chief Whip of Parliament Nur-e-Alam Chowdhury, Chief Whip of the Opposition Moshiur Rahman Ranga will be able to attend every sitting of Parliament.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Speaker announced the name of the Presidium. They presided over the session in the absence of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Later, a condolence motion was brought on the death of former MP including former state minister Afshar Uddin Khan.

After the President’s speech, the session of Parliament will be adjourned. The motion of thanks will be moved on the President’s speech on the next working day and the discussion on the motion will continue till the end of the session.