Salman fell in love with the US model!

The age of the house has passed 57 years. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is still on the verge of having Chirkumar. However, there are many lovers in Salman’s life even though he is not a wife. The actor has been in love with many heroines and models since the nineties.

Salman was in love with the latest Romanian singer Yulia Bhantur. The two have been seen together many times over the years. But that relationship is now past. Rumors have spread, Sallu is involved in a new relationship.

Who is that woman? Salman Khan in whose form and quality? Her name is Samantha Lockwood. She is an American model-actress. Rumors of his love affair with Samantha have spread around the occasion of Salman’s birthday on December 27. There was a special birthday party at Salman’s farmhouse that day. Samantha appeared on the occasion. An intimate photo of them has also gone viral. However, the actress has claimed that her relationship with Salman is just a rumor.

“People are spreading these rumors for no reason,” Samantha said. Yes, I met Salman on his birthday. He is a very good man. I urge everyone not to believe this rumor.

Incidentally, Samantha Lockwood was born in 1982. She is the daughter of popular US star Gary Lockwood and actress Dennis Dubery. The beauty is a graduate of the New York Film Academy. Samantha, 39, has acted in movies like ‘Shoot the Hero’ and ‘Hawaii Five-O’.