Djokovic arrested again

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The Australian government has revoked his visa for the second time. He was not returned to Serbia but was detained for a second time. Novak will have to fight a legal battle from there. The final hearing is scheduled for Sunday (January 18).

Djokovic is currently being held at a home in Melbourne, according to the Australian government. Djokovic will first be interviewed in front of the Australian Immigration Office on Saturday. Whether Djokovic can stay in the country depends on what he answers.

Djokovic’s trial is set to begin on Sunday morning in federal court in Melbourne. Djokovic will be able to monitor the case from his lawyer’s office. But two officers from the Australian Border Force will always be with him.

His lawyers are seeking a stay on Djokovic’s extradition to Justice Anthony Kelly at the start of Friday’s hearing after the tennis star’s visa was revoked for a second time. Accordingly, Justice Kelly issued a stay until 4 pm on Saturday. Novak’s lawyers will apply for an extension on Saturday.
On the other hand, the Australian government has told the court that Djokovic’s presence could hamper the country’s immunization process.

If Djokovic is in that country, anti-vaccination people will be more enthusiastic and will not be interested in getting vaccinated in the future. People who want to get vaccinated can protest. As a result, law and order may be disrupted.
However, Djokovic’s lawyers countered that the Australian government had deliberately canceled the visa at 6pm, delaying the start of the court process and eliminating Djokovic’s chances of playing in the Australian Open.