The United States has called for more pressure on North Korea

The United States has called on the international community to put more pressure on North Korea after a series of hypersonic and ballistic missile tests.

As part of this, Washington has called on the UN Security Council to impose further sanctions on Pyongyang.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield made the call on Wednesday.
He said Pyongyang had conducted a series of missile tests in defiance of UN resolutions. They have tested six missiles since September 2021. Each of these tests was carried out in violation of a resolution passed by the UN Security Council.

Thomas Greenfield said this on social media Twitter. Earlier, Washington blacklisted six North Korean officials, a Russian national and a Russian company. The United States has said North Korea bought equipment from Russia and China for the missile program.

Linda Greenfield, meanwhile, wrote in a separate tweet: “We are concerned about North Korea’s continued ballistic missile tests and nuclear activities. We urge all UN member states to fully implement their obligations under the UN Security Council resolution. ”

A U.S. diplomat told Reuters news agency that Washington had already named five officials. They have been accused of UN travel bans and confiscation of assets. The issue will be put to a vote by 15 members of the Security Council. However, Russia and China could vote against the proposal. Both countries have veto power.