Natural disasters across Pakistan: Death toll rises to 40 due to snowfall

At the beginning of the new year, Pakistan was hit by natural disasters. Snowfall on one side, heavy rainfall on the other. All in all, the death toll is rising in different parts of the country. As of last Saturday evening, 18 people had been reported dead in the snow. Yesterday, Sunday morning, the number increased to 22 people. On the other hand, heavy rains and cold weather have killed 18 more people. There are many more missing. In all, 40 people have been reported killed in natural disasters in Pakistan since Monday morning.

Since last Saturday, many people have been stuck in cars due to snowfall in the mountainous town of Muri in the northern part of Pakistan. Traffic jams are created in the city streets due to the rush of tourists. The vehicle could not be moved due to heavy snowfall and traffic. In extreme cold, 22 people died in the car. Some of them are children. To control the situation, the local administration is distributing blankets and food to the tourists. Tourists have been banned from entering the hill town for the next two days.

Meanwhile, the situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is also deplorable. Heavy snowfall has started there. It is raining heavily somewhere. Due to which 9 people have already died. 10 seriously injured people are undergoing treatment at the hospital. On the other hand, Punjab and Balochistan are also experiencing heavy rains.