Shabnur was hospitalized with coronavirus

Popular actress of Dhaka cinema Shabnur has been attacked by Corona. He is being treated at a hospital in Sydney, Australia. Shabnur’s sister Jhumur told the media on Wednesday (December 29).

He said, ‘Shabnur Apur had a fever for a few days. Later his sample was tested. The result is positive. He was admitted to the hospital today due to sudden deterioration in his physical condition.

December 14 was Shabnur’s birthday. However, the famous Bengali actress could not return to the country on her birthday.

Actress Shabnur has been living permanently in Sydney, Australia with her son Aijan for several years. Other members of his family also live in Sydney. Shabnur can’t stay on her son’s birthday on December 29.

In a video message, Shabnur’s son Aijan says, ‘Today is my birthday. But unfortunately, we are not able to celebrate it. Because my mother was hospitalized. He is infected with Covid. Everyone will pray for him. ‘

After his debut in cinema, he has been acting with power since the nineties. Shabnur acted as the country’s first-line heroine till 2010. He made his big-screen debut in 1993 with the late producer Ehtesham’s ‘Chandni Raate’. 

Shabnur made her acting debut opposite Salman Shah in Zahirul Haque’s ‘Tumi Amar’ in 1994. The actress did not have to look back after this movie. The heroine of Dhaliwood has given one super hit movie after another.

Salman and Shabnur have acted together in 14 movies. Each of which gets viewership. After Salman’s death, Shabnur has appeared on the screen with Riaz, Ferdous, Manna, and Shakib Khan. On December 26, 2012, businessman Anik Mahmud Shabnur built a house with his heart. However, as they did not get married, they separated on January 26, 2020.