‘Organized rape’ of mother with knife in baby’s throat

The housemaid (35) was sleeping with her husband and four-year-old child in a rented house. Late at night, the son of the landlord asked to open the door because he had work to do. As soon as the door was opened, five people entered the house with weapons. When the housemaid’s husband ran away in fear, the gunmen grabbed the child by the throat and raped the woman. The incident took place in the Dattapara area of ​​Ishwarganj Upazila of Mymensingh.

According to local sources and the case file, the victim’s house was in the village of Ishwarganj Upazila. She made a living by working as a maid in various houses in the city. The woman said, last Sunday night at one and a half homeowner Ekadul’s son. Zubayd Hossain Akash (19) came to the door and knocked. Asked to open the door because he has work to do. As soon as the door was opened, a group of five people entered the house and threatened her husband with a weapon. She ran away. Zubayd then dragged him to a room in his house. When she was interrupted, the gunmen grabbed her by the throat and raped her. The next day, the woman sought justice in the incident, but the neighbors did not listen.

He was forced to file a case against five persons at Ishwarganj police station on Tuesday. Police later arrested Zubayd. The other accused are Apan Mia, 19, son of Fazlul Haque of the area, Jamal Mia, 32, son of late Shaiz Uddin Mandal, Babu alias Haddi Babu, 33, son of Akbar Ali, and Sohail Mia, 30.