More sources of Khaleda’s bleeding were found

Khaleda Zia, who is undergoing treatment at the hospital, has undergone ‘capsule endoscopy’ to find out the source of bleeding inside her body. Doctors examined him last Monday and found a new source of bleeding under his small intestine. However, doctors are not able to perform endoscopy in the normal process due to physical complications. Due to this, the source of bleeding could not be stopped. A member of the medical board said yesterday that he had been bleeding intermittently for two days.

Earlier on November 23, some sources of bleeding were stopped by endoscopy and colonoscopy. Personal physician Professor FM Siddiqui said at the time, not all sources could be shut down.

According to doctors and family sources, Khaleda Zia is being given injections to avoid the risk of major bleeding. Even after that, there is intermittent bleeding. When the hemoglobin in the blood decreases, the blood is balanced. Painkillers are not being given due to kidney problems. As a result, the pain in the body is going to the ‘unbearable’ stage.

The capsule, which is a camera, is fed orally, said a doctor who specializes in capsule endoscopy. As soon as the capsule enters the body, it automatically starts taking still images, which the doctors see on the computer.

Regarding Khaleda Zia’s physical condition, Professor AJM Zahid Hossain, the BNP chairperson’s personal physician and vice chairman of the party, said, ‘The doctors are monitoring her. The kind of treatment he needs is not available in our country. So if he is sent abroad quickly, such treatment is possible. ‘