6.3 magnitude earthquake shakes Indonesia

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shakes Indonesia A strong earthquake has shaken eastern Indonesia. The quake affected Barat Daya Islands in Malacca province on Thursday.

The epicenter was reported below the epicenter at 200 km, according to the European Mediterranean Earthquake Center (EMSC). The U.S. Geological Survey reported the same information.

A high alert has been issued in those islands. However, no tsunami alert was issued in the surrounding islands. There were no immediate reports of injuries or severe damage.

A previous earthquake on December 14 had shaken eastern Indonesia. Then a tsunami alert was issued. Although no deaths were reported at the time.

A magnitude 9.1 earthquake on the Indonesian island of Sumatra in 2004 triggered a tsunami. Two hundred and twenty thousand people lost their lives in that area. Which was the worst earthquake in the history of the country.

Indonesia is prone to frequent earthquakes. Because the country is located at the junction of the Ring of Fire and the Alpine Belt. It is also known as a volcanic and seismic zone.