2 crore 4 lakh 60 thousand doses of vaccine came from China

2 crore 4 lakh 60 thousand doses of corona vaccine has come to Bangladesh from China. The largest consignment of Corona vaccines came as part of a joint venture agreement between the Government of Bangladesh, the Asian Development Bank, and UNICEF. UNICEF said in a statement on Tuesday (December 26th).

Of the 100 million dose vaccines provided by UNICEF, more than 50 million have been collected through the Kovacs facility, the statement said. Out of these 100 million doses of vaccines provided by UNICEF, the Government of Bangladesh has procured a large number of vaccines through various bilateral agreements.

This tick consignment will accelerate the goal of bringing at least 60 percent of the people of Bangladesh under the quid ticker by June 2022. As of December 26 this year, 26.44 percent of the total population of Bangladesh has received the second dose of vaccine.

Sheldon Yate, UNICEF Representative in Bangladesh, said: It is very important to collect vaccines from the producers and distribute them to every corner of Bangladesh.