‘Where did my vote go’, the candidate’s question at the end of the count

After counting the votes at Belgharia Government Primary School in Charghat Upazila of Rajshahi on Sunday night, the vote of Abu Taleb, a UP member candidate with a rooster symbol, was declared void. He is a former member of this ward. Confused, the candidate then asked, ‘Where did my vote go?’

Meanwhile, his activists and supporters were blown away by the incident. They surrounded the center and started protesting again demanding a recount of votes. Police later tried to control the situation but failed. Abu Taleb’s vote was then recounted by the presiding officer. At the end of the second round of counting, he received 72 votes. However, Abu Taleb and his supporters did not accept this result. They complained of vote-rigging and chanted slogans and staged protests demanding punishment for those involved.

After announcing the results of the vote, Abu Taleb, a member candidate of Ward No. 1 of Yusufpur Union of Charghat Upazila, claimed that his vote was stolen along with all the votes! He blamed the opposition and the local administration for this.

After the incident, Assistant Returning Officer Upazila Election Officer Asaduzzaman said some ballot papers fell under the table during the counting. That is why this mistake was made during the counting of votes. After receiving them at the bottom of the table, the results are announced immediately after recounting.