Man City’s big win in a dramatic match of 9 goals

The day after Christmas, Manchester City left the field with a big victory. They lost to Leicester City 6-3. However, the match was not as easy as the scoreline seemed. Man City and Leicester City have played a very dramatic match.

The hosts took a 4-0 lead in just 25 minutes of the match at Man City’s home ground Etihad Stadium. From there, Leicester made the scoreline 4-3 in ten minutes in the second half. However, the citizens left the field with a big victory by scoring two more goals from there.

Kevin de Bruyne scored the first goal in the fifth minute of the match. Riyad Mahrez doubled the lead from the penalty spot within ten minutes. Ilka Gundogan scored the third goal from the age of 21 minutes. Rahim Sterling filled the gap from the penalty spot in four minutes.

Lester later returned in the second half. Lister’s first goal was scored by James Madison in the 55th minute of the match, and Ademla Lukman reduced the gap further after 4 minutes. In the 75th minute, the scoreline was 4-3 with the goal of Kenichi Ihenacho.

However, the story of Lester’s return from there was not written. In the 69th minute of the match, Emerick Laporte put the citizens ahead. Sterling then nailed the last nail in Leicester’s coffin in the 7th minute, confirming Man City’s 6-3 victory.

After this victory, Man City has become stronger with 47 points in 19 matches. Lister is at No. 10 with 22 points from 16 matches. Liverpool, who are in the top two in the list, has 41 points from 16 matches.