Corona Hana in the England team this time in the Ashes

“I would be surprised if this year’s Ashes were over,” said former England captain Kevin Pietersen during the second Test in Adelaide. Petersen expressed concern about the Ashes broadcast crew and journalists being attacked by Corona.

News of his fears was heightened in the third Test of the series in Melbourne. This time the coronavirus was found directly in the English fleet, not the broadcasting crew or journalists. Two England support staff and two family members have been affected by the corona.

That’s why the second day of the match on Monday started thirty minutes later. At first, it was thought that the match would be canceled. However, it did not happen. Players in England and staff in the dressing room have been given a game permit after undergoing rapid antigen testing.

On the other hand, four people affected by corona have been kept in isolation. Cricket Australia said in a press statement that the PCR test will be played for the entire England team at the end of today’s match. Besides, both the teams have to be extra careful during the rest of the match.