What General Aziz said about the controversy by throwing challenges

General (retd) Aziz Ahmed has challenged that none of his brothers or relatives were involved in corruption in the military sector during his tenure as army chief. He was challenged to prove it.

In an online talk show on the Bengali section of the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle on December 24, various aspects related to this general came up. In response to a question, General Aziz said that the report published by Al Jazeera television on the purchase of signal equipment in the military was completely false. My brother was involved in the purchase, the report said. I challenge that none of my brothers or relatives were involved in its purchase.

He further said that one day after I took charge as the Chief of Army Staff, the Directorate General of Signal Equipment Procurement (DGP) executed an agreement with the supplier organization on 26 June 2016. And I took charge on June 25 of that year. How did corruption happen here in one day?

In response to another question, the former army chief said the United States had not revoked my visa. They would have notified me if my visa was canceled. The United States notifies anyone when a visa is issued or revoked.

Asked whether he owns hundreds of crores of rupees, Aziz Ahmed said, If not hundreds of crores. if you can say there are millions or one or two crores of rupees then I will plan with that whether my future can be comfortable. ‘

He termed the allegations against him as fabricated. “After retirement, I am now free from the pressure of responsibility,” he said. I am doing a post-doctoral at the moment. He is spending time doing research on that subject.