The SI told the journalists to leave the center and threatened to arrest them

A Sub-Inspector of Police (SI) directed the journalists to leave a polling station of Jagannath Dighi Union in Comilla’s Chauddagram held in the fourth phase. At one point, he says, journalists will be detained if they do not leave the center. The incident took place at Gangra Aneyarul Uloom Madrasa Center in Jagannath Dighi Union around 9:30 am on Sunday. The name of the accused SI is Chiranjeev Barua. He is said to be working in Comilla Kotwali police station.

At least 3 journalists from Comilla who were at the center said, “We went to the center around 9 am and saw that voting was going on amidst various irregularities.” At that time, several male and female candidates complained that fake voting was going on in the center with the help of the police. At that time, SI Chiranjeev rushed towards the journalists and asked them to leave the center. At that time, the journalists said, “We are monitoring the election as per the instructions of the Election Commission. Why should I leave the center in your words.” And what is your problem if the journalists are at the center? The accused SI then called his accomplice and told the forces to arrest the journalists. When the matter was later reported to the Comilla Superintendent of Police, he calmed down SI Chiranjeev.

At this time SI Chiranjeev said, I am doing the duty of Mr. SP. There is no time to follow the instructions of the Election Commission. He also insulted the journalists in vulgar language.

In this context, Comilla District Superintendent of Police Md. Farooq Ahmed said, now the voting is going on, you help us a little. I will look into the matter after voting.

In this regard, Comilla District Senior Election Officer Md. Manjurul Alam said, today he (SI) is under the control of the Election Commission. He has no chance to say such a thing out of responsibility. I am looking into the matter.