Controversial comment on Islam in Egypt, author’s imprisonment

An Egyptian writer has been sentenced to five years in prison for speaking out against the victory of Islam. Ahmed Abdu Maher, 60, is a well-known lawyer in the country and the author of 14 books on the history of Islam.

He was convicted of insulting Islam, inciting sectarian strife, and posing a threat to national unity.

Maher’s conception of the Arab conquests of the seventh and eighth centuries is his main crime. 

Convicted writer Ahmed Abdu Maher thinks that the spread of Islam has reduced rape and the lust for rape. However, the preachers of Islam overthrew and replaced the more developed society.

Ahmed Abdu Maher has also made controversial claims in many of his speeches, writings, and televised conversations. He says the initial victories of Islam were military strikes. Egypt’s leading Islamic organization, Al-Azhar, has called for an apology from the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Maher thinks that the aim of those wars of the Muslims was to enslave women instead of propagating Islam.