The woman tourist testified in court in Cox’s Bazar

Although 24 hours have passed since the filing of the case in the shocking incident of rape of a tourist woman on the seashore of Cox’s Bazar, not a single accused has been caught yet. It has been alleged that the accused may use the opportunity to find out various ‘misdeeds’ of the police regarding the raped woman and her husband. They can take advantage of this opportunity to escape. Meanwhile, a woman who was raped on the seashore on Friday (December 24) in the Cox’s Bazar Judicial Magistrate’s Court presented a 17-page statement in a 22-page statement.

The case filed by the husband of the woman who was raped twice at a tea shop and hotel in Cox’s Bazar Sagartir on Wednesday night was sent to the Tourist Police for investigation after it was recorded at Cox’s Bazar Sadar Model Police Station on Thursday night. 

After receiving a copy of the statement of the tourist police case, the investigation started. The investigating officer of the case, Inspector of Police Ruhul Amin Hawlader, and Superintendent of Police. Zillur Rahman interrogated the victim woman and her husband for a long time.

Judge Hamimun Tanzim of the Cox’s Bazar Judicial Magistrate’s Court on Friday recorded the statement of the victim under Section 22. Cox’s Bazar Tourist Police Additional Superintendent of Police Mohiuddin Ahmed told the press in this regard: He gave details of his stay at various hotels in Cox’s Bazar for about three months, including the incident of rape.

Additional Superintendent of Police said that the plaintiff victim’s husband’s house is in Kishoreganj municipal area. From there he moved to the Jurain area of ​​the capital Dhaka with his wife two years ago. In her deposition, she said that she was raped by Ashik in room 201 of Zia Guest Inn Hotel. She was also raped by two other miscreants in the back room of a tea shop in the Sunny Beach area. Although Ashik Purba was known, the woman said that she only saw him when he was abducted last Wednesday.

The Additional Superintendent of Police said that she came to Cox’s Bazar on November 8 last year and got into an argument with her husband and called the police on 999. At that time, the woman told the police on 999 that her husband was beating her. She also accused her husband of being involved in drug dealing. The woman also admitted in her statement that she had been staying at various hotels in Cox’s Bazar for the last three months.

Meanwhile, Ashiqul Islam Ashiq, the main accused in the incident of rape of a tourist woman, is known everywhere as an ‘iconic terror’ on Cox’s Bazar beach. He is also listed by the police as a known snatcher and drug dealer. There are 16 cases against him. Ashiqul Islam Ashiq, son of Mohammad Karim of Baharchhara mahalla of Cox’s Bazar town also has a force of 32 members. The woman has been accused of leading the rape case after she was released on bail in a robbery case just four months ago.

Cox’s Bazar Tourist Police Superintendent. Zillur Rahman said- ‘A big snatcher on the shores of Ashik Sagar- it is a little late for us to know. I have also learned that there are 16 cases against him for kidnapping, drug trafficking, and abuse of women and children. The police superintendent said that they have also received information about large-scale extortion from hotels and cottage zones on the banks of Ashik Sagar. He also said that the information about Ashiq’s involvement would come to the police even where there is a drug den. However, as the information came to the police late, Ashik has not been arrested so far, said the Superintendent of Police of the Tourist Police. He also confirmed that he will not get a chance to be without hands this time.

According to the investigation, there are no hotels, motels, guest houses, and tourist businesses along the shores of Ashiq Bahini who are not afraid of him. Every hotel-cottage owner has to pay 5/10 thousand rupees per week to Aashiq Bahini. Another accused in the tourist rape case and member of Ashiq Bahini Mehedi Hasan Babu is accused in 3 cases. All of them are motorbike theft cases. Her father is the doorman of a hotel in the city. But Mehedi Hasan Babu, a resident of the Baharchhara area of ​​the city, already owns a 5-story building. 

There are also two cases of snatching against Israfil Khudar, the accused in the case of women tourists. Another accused who has already been arrested by RAB, Hotel Zia Guest In Manager Riazuddin Chhotan is a close associate of Ashik. Chhota also owns a lot of wealth. Chhotan, who was detained by the RAB, has not yet been handed over to the tourist police. The Additional Superintendent of Police said that no accused has been arrested in the case.

It has been alleged that 32 members of the snatching Aashiq Bahini were involved in extortion and snatching activities in Cox’s Bazar beach, but did not take any action against the district police and the tourist police force. Every evening, members of the Ashiq Bahini set up a drug den at Zhaubithi, algae point on the seashore. After all the drug addicts, they were divided into groups and went to different points including Laboni, Sugandha, Kalatali, Himchhari, Kabita Chattar on the beach and engaged in snatching activities.

Allegations have also been leveled against Saddam Hussein, the district BCL president, for seeking political asylum for the ruling Ashiq Bahini, a snatching, and drug trafficking force. Pictures of various events, including the meeting of district BCL president Saddam Hussein with Ashik and other members of the force, have now gone viral on social media. Saddam Hussein rented a house in the Baharchhara neighborhood of the city. Due to this, the group of snatchers of the mahalla used to quarrel with the president of the district Chhatra League.

However, the district BCL president Saddam Hussein told that since I live in the same mahalla, maybe they can take pictures with me at any event. However, this does not mean that they are leaders and activists of the Chhatra League. In fact, none of them are leaders and activists of the Chhatra League. Saddam Hussein also posted a status on his Facebook page saying that he wanted “severe punishment” for the members of the hijackers.