Kuakata of Taitambur to the tourist at Christmas

Kuakata beach in Taitambur attracts thousands of tourists on the occasion of Christmas. Travel Pipasura has been coming here from different parts of the country since Friday morning.

On Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings the beach can be seen, full of tourists along the 4 km beach from Lemburban Forest to Zhaoban Point. Hotels, motels, restaurants, markets, and tourism-related businesses are passing busy times.

Residential hotels have 100% bookings, many tourists have had to hurry to get their rooms as they have not booked before. Later many tourists took place in third-class hotels. Again, many tourists are returning to their destination at night after traveling all day.

Abul Hossain Raju, managing director of Green Tourism, said that 20,000 to 25,000 tourists are arriving in Kuakata on Friday on the occasion of Christmas. Coming in the whole month of December we will get a lot of tourists.

Ruman Imtiaz Tushar, president of the Tour Operators Association of Kuakata (TWAC), told that Kuakata does not have allegations of overcharging from tourists at various tourist destinations in the country. Hotels are often rented at a lower price than the prescribed rent, but no one can pay a higher price. Because the tourism organization and administration are very active in Kuakata.

Tourist Police Kuakata Zone Assistant Superintendent of Police Abdul Khaleq told that thousands of tourists visit Kuakata on the occasion of Christmas. So our different teams are divided and patrolling the whole beach. We are constantly monitoring the safety and cooperation of the tourists.