Ekushey Medal-winning journalist Riazuddin has passed away

Riazuddin Ahmed, the senior journalist who won the Ekushey Medal and editor of The Financial Herald is no more. 

He died at the United Hospital in the capital on Saturday (December 25) at 1.30 pm (Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilahi Raziun). He was 6 years old.

Ilias Khan, general secretary of the National Press Club, expressed his condolences over his death and said that his body would be laid to rest at the National Press Club at 11:30 am on Sunday.

Riazuddin Ahmed was admitted to the ICU of United Hospital with coronavirus.

Riazuddin Ahmed was the founder and editor of The Financial Express and The News Today. He was also the President of the National Press Club, General Secretary of the Undivided Dhaka Journalists Union, and President of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists. 

Riazuddin Ahmed was awarded the Ekushey Padak in 1993 for his contribution to journalism.