What Shakib Khan said about settling in the United States

The popular hero of Dhakai movie Shakib Khan is leaving the country and settling in the United States.

However, the ‘King Khan’ of Bangladesh has said that the news is completely baseless. His counter-question is, why is my permanent residence in the United States?

He said, “If I want, I can return to the country next month.” Nothing like emigration has happened.

Shakib Khan said this in the media from the United States on Monday.

Regarding the US green card, Shakib Khan said, “Those who are talking about my stay in the US do not really know the process. American green cards are given by the government of the country to the celebrities of different countries out of respect. This honor is not given to everyone. Those who give receive with honor. And before Corona, it was okay for me to stay in the country in another process.

This does not mean that I am leaving my country. Coming here was just the process of adoption. For this you do not have to stay year after year. Many big celebrities of Bangladesh have already got green cards. Many Bollywood celebrities have received green cards. But they live in India and work regularly. So why am I talking about this issue? Some people are always misinterpreted. No one will be confused here. ‘