Chhatra League leader Yaba Karbar He also bought a sweater factory with his house and car

Jahangir Sarkar, 26, the expelled organizing secretary of Gazipur district BCL, became a millionaire by trading in yaba for a year and a half. He built a two-story house. Bought a Prado car. The market has leased. He also bought a sweater factory which he rented in his house. Syndicate of his yaba business from Uttara in Dhaka to Bhaluka in Mymensingh.

The names of a dozen more of his associates have come to light after four of his associates were arrested by the Dhaka Detective Branch (DB) on Saturday. Some of them are identified as drug dealers. Some of these have become millionaires. This information has been known from the sources of local and DB police. However, Jahangir’s father claims that Jahangir bought cars, houses, and factories with the money from the sale of family land.

DB Joint Commissioner Haroon Aur Rashid told the press yesterday, “Attempts are being made to arrest those whose names have come up, including Jahangir, after seizing the Yaba consignment.”

Dhaka DB arrested Rubel Islam, Rakibul Hasan, Surya Varman Shant, and Roni Ahmed along with 25,000 yaba in a private car from Golapbagh Biswaroad of Jatrabari Police Station on Saturday night. During the raid, Jahangir’s accomplice Firoz opened the back door of the car and fled. The detainees said during preliminary interrogation that they brought yaba from the border area of ​​Cox’s Bazar and delivered it to Jahangir. Jahangir then sold it through associates. He dominates the yaba business from North Dhaka to Mymensingh’s Bhaluka.

DB police is interrogating the four arrested persons on a three-day remand as per the court order. The Central BCL expelled Jahangir on Sunday evening after receiving information about his involvement in the yaba business.

Sources said that apart from Feroze, Jahangir has 14 accomplices who have not been caught yet. They are Monir, Akram, Liton Bepari, Enamul Munshi, Pistol Masood, Sharif, Ashraful of Mulaid area, Mazahar of Tepirbari area, Shakil Sarkar, Jumman, Mehdi Sarkar, Naeem of Godarchala area, Sumon Bepari, and Asad of MC Bazar area. Among them, Jumman was arrested for drugs and sent to jail. It is learned that there are three drug cases against Sumon Bepari.

According to area sources, Jahangir Sarkar is the son of a middle-class family of Godarchala village in Telihati union of Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur. His father Iqbal Sarkar was a two-time member of that union (Ward 2). He is also contesting in the Union Parishad (UP) elections to be held in the fifth phase. The Iqbal government has no other visible occupation. Jahangir is the younger of the two brothers. Locals have also accused elder brother Alamgir Sarkar of being involved in drug trafficking.

According to locals, Jahangir became the president of the Chhatra League in Ward No. 2 of Telihati Union in 2012. After a few years, he became a member of the Upazila Chhatra League. In 2016, he became the organizing secretary of the district Chhatra League.

Gazipur district DB police raided the MC market in Sreepur on June 7 on a tip-off that a consignment of yaba was coming to the market. Although Jahangir escaped, his elder brother Alamgir was arrested with about 200 bottles of beer. DB SI Mostafizur Rahman told the press, ‘Jahangir has been dealing in yaba for a long time. But despite using many sources, he could not be caught along with Yaba. He trades in yaba with the help of his associates. ‘

Jahangir’s wealth: Locals say that Jahangir’s lifestyle has changed in a year and a half. A few years ago, a sweater factory was rented in their three-story building at the corner of Mulaid Barek. Name SR sweater. Jahangir bought the ownership of the factory a year and a half ago. A year ago, MC bought land in the Bazar area and built a two-story house. At the same time, MC Bazar took a lease for around Tk 84 lakh. He also bought a Prado brand car two months ago. He has another private car.

However, Jahangir Sarkar’s father Iqbal Sarkar told the press, “I don’t know if my son trades in yaba or not. But the sweater factory, the house, and the car were bought with the money from the sale of my land. ‘

Torture for not dealing in yaba : Sohail, a poultry trader in the Mulaid area, said that six months ago, Jahangir wanted to use him to supply yaba. He did not agree. Jahangir’s associates grabbed him and tortured him.