Allegations of rape and video recording of minors! Case against Yasir Shah

Pakistan cricket is in debate again. In Lahore, Pakistan, a minor was allegedly raped at gunpoint. The minor has already filed a case against Yasir Shah and a friend at the Shalimar police station in Lahore. 

According to the FIR, Yasir’s friend Farhan raped her by pointing a gun barrel. Yasir has threatened his aunt to cover up the matter. The aunt of the girl said, ‘When I contacted Yasir Shah on WhatsApp and told him about the incident, he joked with me that he (his friend) likes underage girls. Yasir Shah said that he was a very influential person. He threatened a high-ranking official.

The girl further said that when she went to the police to report the matter, Yasir Shah offered to buy her a flat and bear the expenses till she was 18 years old. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said in a statement: However, it would not be appropriate to comment now before knowing the details of the matter. “Yasir Shah and Farhan made videos and raped minors.”