Types of police on Facebook for justice

‘Justice for Mahua. Justice for Father. ‘ Members of the traffic department of Dhaka Metropolitan Police are giving status with such hashtag on Facebook. In the capital’s Banani, the father of the traffic police sergeant Mahua Hajong lost his leg in a car crash and the police launched a campaign on social media demanding ‘justice’. Also seen is a picture of Mahua Hajong and his father.

On December 2, the son of a judge hit the car of police sergeant Mahua’s father Manoranjan Hajong on a motorcycle in the capital’s Banani. Entertainment had to cut off one leg. But the police were not taking any case. Following the media coverage, the police accepted the case 14 days after the incident. However, the Banani police had earlier accepted the GD filed by the son of the accused driver judge. The role of the police in such a situation has been questioned. Then the police called the field with the hashtag campaign.

Meanwhile, writers, teachers, and human rights activists rallied in front of the National Museum in Shahbag on Sunday afternoon demanding justice. They say there are obstacles to justice everywhere. Those who are less powerful do not get justice under the influence of those who are more powerful. That is why ordinary members of the police are seeking justice. The police are also responsible for the influence of the accused in this incident. Human rights activists have called for a fair trial.

Another female DMP sergeant by the name of Panna Akhter has given status with a picture of Mahua and her father in the post given with hashtag on Facebook. The post reads, ‘Stay with Mahua. I and we hope for justice. In this status, a policeman named Siddique wrote, ‘I want justice. He must be brought under the law.

A sergeant by the name of Sonnet Sikder wrote in his status with the hashtag, ‘I have had the strength to speak for justice before and will continue to do so in the future, InshaAllah. I cleared my position. ‘ Many people have shared his status given on December 15. Many have commented. “We ourselves are very helpless,” said Jewel Mahmoud, a constable.

Police members as well as ordinary people have seen many such posts on Facebook. However, the posts of police members are being shared more.

When asked, human rights activist Nur Khan Liton said, “Those who are posting on Facebook and giving hashtags by the police are not policymakers.” Although they are members of the police, they are worried about getting justice. Obstacles to justice are everywhere. Ordinary people do not get justice everywhere. The point is, the more power he has, the more he gets justice. ‘

Asked who was responsible for the incident, Nur Khan Liton said, “The police are more responsible for this incident. They have delayed taking the case. Police left the car. This delay has also caused controversy among the judges. We need to see why this happened. When it came to the judge’s case, Suyomoto could have cleared the issue. ‘

Meanwhile, human chains and rallies were held under the banner ‘Shahbagh against oppression’ yesterday afternoon. Professor Robayet Ferdous, a teacher at Dhaka University, said, ‘Justice is an upper-class resident. They do not get justice because the Hajongs live at the bottom. This is an inequality in the state’s power structure.

Investigating measures: Additional Commissioner of Police (DB) KM Hafeez Akter answered reporters’ questions about Sergeant Mahua’s case at a press conference at the DMP’s media center yesterday afternoon. He said, “I know about Sergeant Mahua Hajong.” In this incident, a case has been registered in Banani police station of Gulshan division, the investigation is underway. The matter will be investigated and action will be taken.